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The company started it activities in 1980 and was incorporated in 1986. The main shareholders are Maurice Weinstock, generally known as ''Mickey'' and Rachella Weinstock, a leading figure in the export world.

Early experiences include more than twenty years in the timber industry in what was southern Rhodesia where the late Harry Weinstock, father of Mickey, was one of the pioneers of the timber industry in that country. He was the first man to produce veneers, plywood and blockboard as well as the first to produce chipboard by building his own factory to consume the waste from the plywood and joinery activities. No mean feat in the heart of Africa!

This ''hands-on'' experience proved invaluable to Mickey in developing and strengthening world wide contacts to build a new business in Israel after arriving here in 1973, together with his young family.

Over the past twenty years, the company and its management have been instrumental in introducing a number of new products to the israel market. amongst these are american hardwoods, mdf ,osb and moulded hardboard door panels. the marketing experience acquired during this process places us in a unique position and we are well able to take advantage of new products arriving in the market.

The next generation of management includes specialists highly trained and educated in marketing and sales, construction engineering and computers.

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